Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why Did America Get Left Behind on the New Release of Blackberry?

Source: Verizon Wireless

Blackberry currently has a user base of 77 million users world wide.  According to Blackberry's 2012 annual report (Financial Report for 2012) "Sales outside the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada comprised approximately 60% of the total consolidated revenue during fiscal 2012. Sales in the United States represented approximately 23% of total consolidated revenue during the year. Sales in the United Kingdom represented approximately 10% of total consolidated revenue and sales in Canada represented the remainder".

A little over half of blackberry revenue comes from areas outside of the US, UK, and Canada. If you go strictly by the numbers if I am releasing a new product I want to try to raise revenue in the least producing areas. Which is why Canada and UK got the phone before the US did.

I also think the late US release is due to US carriers. As I have not lived or traveled outside the US, I am uncertain as to other countries carrier situation. I would assume the process for getting a new phone is different as well as the state of the mobile phone market.

Sprint is already locked a deal to sell so many iPhone's so that is all they're worried about. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile all offer pretty much the same phones and they are in a good position with their current line up to take their time pushing out a new phone.

Unfortunately the state of the mobile phone market very cut throat between Apple and Android vying for number one. No one sees Blackberry as being in the mix so they aren't as rushed to get the phone out to consumers.  So I will just continue siting here in anticipation until I get my hands on a extremely good physical keyboard smartphone.  

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