Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rethink Mobile Typing with Minuum

Whirlscape is a new company founded by recent graduates. Their idea started when they had to find a better way to type on touchscreens without looking. There are quite a large number of star-tups that seem to start through a school project. What this group came up with is called the "Minuum Keyboard Project".

Minuum is an entire product line idea - starting with smartphone keyboards. The idea is simple - keep the functionality of a full qwerty keyboard, but use up less precious screen space. How they've accomplished this is by rearranging the keyboard to fit onto a single line. The software is expecting you to be extremely sloppy, and because it's expecting you to make tons of errors it's got a head start on other keyboards that are expecting precise typing.

The truly unique idea they have is that this Minuum technology has the potential to allow you to type on future devices - smartwatches, wearable technology (such as Google Glass).

This is an idea that's generated lots of interest: 2 days in they generated 4X what they expected. 1 week in they reached their "stretch goal" which would allow them to make a Wearable Development Kit. They still have 22 days to go, and it looks like this thing isn't losing any traction.

Their first venture will be to Android phones in June because it natively supports third party keyboards, but they will make dedicated keyboards which can be hooked up to any phone, tablet, wearable tech...

Currently, there is an Indiegogo Project where you can financially help them start up, and they will give you certain perks at each donation level. Perks start at $5 (for an early beta version, and also future premium versions) and go to $500 (VIP access, a set of poetry fridge magnets, a profile on their website and more).

I've already pledged, and as soon as it becomes available you guys will be the first to hear about it!

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