Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello, I’m Brooks and I am a crackberry addict.

Hello, I’m Brooks and I am a crackberry addict.  

I have had a smartphone since 2005.  I majored in Mechanical Engineer during my college tenure and during one summer  I had an internship with a small company that was a Nextel representative.  I was brought on to be a “phone paramedic” where a client calls us and we go to them to fix their phone.  I received my first Blackberry at that point and it was a 7520.

I loved this phone, it was a brick but it made me feel important.  I was rarely in the office so I responded to a lot of emails on my Blackberry.  The keyboard took a little getting used  to since I had never had a smartphone before but once I got the hang of it I never looked back.  The keyboard on Blackberry was insurmountable.  That phone never left my side as I worked a lot  and loved having the internet, even though it was horrible), on my phone.  I learned everything about that phone; how to fix them, how to set them up.  I also  gave 1 hour training sessions to new users (saved the ringtones until last because after that I lost them).  

I worked for the company off and on until 2008 and then phones that I carried were, in order; 7520, 8700, 8830 World Edition, 8330.  They were all great devices, with my favorite being the 8330.  I just loved the trackball and they were very easy to replace  if you needed to.  After I left the company my personal phone was an iPhone 3g, but I could never get used to the keyboard.  The apps were nice but I never downloaded a ton and rarely used them.  I also, really missed BBM (Blackberry Messenger), as all my friends still had Blackberry..The internet on the iPhone was amazing, a lot better than on the Blackberry.  I had the iPhone for about a year and then switch to the wonderful Blackberry Bold 9000.  What a lovely phone and I miss it everyday.  

I got rid of the Bold for the brand new Torch that came out on ATT.  It was a very neat phone with the slider and touch screen but the keyboard took a hit compared to the Bold.  The Torch left a sour taste in my mouth as the slider got really annoying and internet still wasn’t up to par with the other smartphones.  It wasn’t a bad phone on all fronts but it wasn’t for me.  I decided to try out the Android operating system when the Motorola RAZR came out.  Android is a nice operating system, but yet again I cannot get used to the keyboard and I refuse to pay for an app with a keyboard.  

I currently still have my RAZR and as soon as the new keyboard Blackberry comes out in America, I will be getting it.  I am so excited for Blackberry and cannot wait until I get my hands on that sexy physical keyboarded phone.  

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