Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HTC One Announcment

Just minutes ago HTC announced their new flagship phone, the One. BGR, Engadget, Phandroid, Android Central, the Verge and a ton other blog sites already have a quick blurb up on their sites about their first impressions.

So far, it seems that HTC has put enormous importance on the One, and it could truly be the One to rule them all. It has new "BoomSound", which is basically marketing talk for the biggest speakers on any phone, provided through two giant speakers on the front just above the screen (where the normal speaker grill is), and at the very bottom.

Another area HTC has innovated in is the camera department. Anybody know what an "ultrapixel" is? It seems that HTC has decided to use multiple sensors to basically take different pictures, and then stitch them together (although this reportedly reduces to final image down to 4MP - but a 4MP picture that looks as good as a 13MP pic). Sounds similar to the idea of the Nokia 808 PureView...reducing the pixels into one picture. The best part? The new One has optical image stabilization, so shake that camera a bit - you'll still get a pretty steady image.

HTC has done something interesting though - they've changed their Sense UI to something completely different. It looks a bit like WP8 mixed with some BB10 multitasking and a bit like Flipboard as well. I'm sure some hands on videos on YouTube will be springing up real quick.

As far as specs go, it uses Snapdragon's new 600 quad core processor clocked at 1.7GHz, promising epic performance, and of course 2GB of RAM. They also included 32GB of storage, with optional 64GB instead. The One also packs 1080p full HD into a 4.7" screen...which seems ridiculous.

Sounds great, but when can you get your paws on one? The answer on the street is March. Where? According to Android Central, there are 185 carriers worldwide that will offer this new beast phone. Click the AC link for their article.

It looks like the One has everything modern smartphone users want. Sense 5 and the Snapdragon 600 chips are both meant to save on some battery, so that shouldn't hold this One back. Watch out Samsung - the pressure is now on you and your March Galaxy S 4 announcement.

YouTube has some good videos up of the One already, here's a great looking teaser, and here's a quick hands on demo video. HTC also just put up the official site for the One, and you can find that here on HTC's website.

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